What to Bring

Do’s and Don’ts

What-to-Bring-HikingIt is important that you feel comfortable while staying at our treatment center in Sonoma County.

The time of year influences the type of clothing that you should bring in order to remain comfortable.

Residents at Olympia House tend to spend a great deal of time outdoors.

This includes hiking, working with animals, gardening, playing volleyball and so on.

Please bring practical clothing and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Check out what’s nearby here.

  • Recommended Items

      • Comfortable, warm clothing and exercise gear (athletic sneakers and/or walking shoes).
      • Appropriate sleepwear.
      • Toiletries for your recommended length of stay.
      • Medications prescribed by your physician in properly labeled bottles.
      • Driver’s license or other official identification.
      • Health insurance/prescription cards or information.
      • Reading material.
  • Optional Items

      • Cash.
      • Cell phone, laptop, iPod, MP3 player or CD player (with headphones). We discourage the use of cell phones and laptops during the first week unless the needs are business related.
  • Do Not Bring

      • Provocative or inappropriate clothing.
      • Any personal products with alcohol, such as perfume, cologne, mouthwash, hairspray, etc.
      • Inappropriate reading material, including books, magazines, and graphic novels.
      • Weapons.
      • Illegal substances.