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North Bay Addiction Treatment Services and Drug Use Statistics

The Local Addiction Outcomes that Hit Close to Home

Olympia House is proud to provide the utmost care to those suffering from drug or alcohol abuse in North Bay counties in California. The context of the addiction crisis in relation to our patients serves as one foundation for our North Bay addiction treatment program. The North Bay is not only home to Olympia, in beautiful Petaluma, but we see that addiction often hits very close to home. As did the whole nation, Marin County, Sonoma County, and Napa County are seeing a significant rise in drug abuse, specifically opioid abuse. Between 2003 and 2014, for example, the number of pain relief medications prescribed more than doubled, and so did emergency room visits, addiction treatment, and prescription drug overdoses.

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Numerous accidental overdose deaths have occurred in Marin County in just the past few years, causing the county to lose their 7-year streak of #1 spot on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s list for healthiest counties in California. In 2016, the California Department of Public Health established the Naloxone Grant Program that helped fund California Counties to provide law enforcement officers and rapid responders with the life-saving drug that can reverse the effects of drug overdose. Though this drug has helped save many lives, the Opioid epidemic is still alive throughout the state.

Opioids and Benzos are Easily Accessible in the North Bay

As of 2016, the California Opioid Overdose Surveillance Dashboard shows Marin County having 153,706 opioid prescriptions, with 16 opioid overdose hospitalizations, and 13 opioid deaths. Napa County has 116,101 opioid prescriptions, 15 opioid overdose hospitalizations, and 2 opioid deaths. Sonoma County is at a much higher rate, with 426,628 opioid prescriptions, 73 opioid overdose hospitalizations, and 23 opioid deaths. But opioids are not the only drug of concern in Northern California. In just February of 2018, The Press Democrat reported an alarming level of Xanax abuse among Sonoma County students, and not just in high schools. Most of these students are getting the drug from their home’s medicine cabinets, which signals a growing number of Benzodiazepine prescriptions among adults as well.

Olympia’s Drug & Alcohol Treatment Serving the Needs of Marin, Sonoma & Napa

Many of our staff reside locally in the North Bay, and we understand the unique needs that our community faces which helps guide our North Bay addiction treatment program. Our Petaluma location, nestled among the green rolling hills in winter and spring and the fiery golden grass in summer is particularly welcoming and convenient for those living in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa as its only a short drive away. Loved ones are close by and can easily come by for a visit when appropriate. As is reflective of the rest of the country there is a tremendous gap between those on the tail ends of the socioeconomic spectrum in the north bay counties like Marin, Sonoma, and Napa. Whether it’s an upscale restaurant, a vineyard, a car wash – these businesses employ and are owned by those on from different backgrounds and economic means.

At Olympia, we celebrate our differences and we know that all feel welcome at Olympia. Rehab is expensive, but because Olympia remains at a price point that is more realistic for many families in contrast to the numerous high end or luxury rehabs that surround us. We are able to provide an unparalleled amount of individualized attention to all of our clients including individual counseling. Many residents who have attended treatment centers that cost several times more than Olympia report that they have had more success at Olympia. It is a privilege to serve our community through our North Bay addiction treatment program.