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Oakland California: A Community Shaken by the War On Drugs

East bay addiction treatment and more specifically Oakland addiction treatment at Olympia House, address substance use disorders experienced by residents of these regions. An important and tragic story to consider is one related to how the war on drugs in our local communities added fuel to a raging fire, which only made circumstances worse.

In the eighties crack cocaine was rampant in Oakland, CA. Oakland remains a city still partially defined by this drug epidemic and its lasting damages. It is a lesson in how punishment can overshadow treatment and how this made a bad situation, worse. People watched their communities fall to the seduction of this fasting acting stimulant, crack cocaine.

The electricity and heat went out first for many families as the primary providers become chronically addicted to crack. Shelters and homelessness came next. Kids often times had more money than some Oakland residents had seen in their entire life – parts of Oakland began to crumble under the drug market. Then the situation becomes dire.

“Growing up in Oakland, California in the 70s and 80s, I was an eyewitness to the ways the Drug War destroyed the communities it was supposed to save.” – Jakada Imani, Huffington Post

Police with military-style weapons paired with new harsh prison minimums instituted by Congress took Oakland by surprise. The measures created more violence and redirected city resources away from services such as education towards prisons and other correctional services. Institutional racism became the norm. Source: Huffington Post

Olympia houses’ Oakland addiction treatment program works to understand historically relevant circumstances like this one combined with the specific needs that our clients and residents have experienced in their substance use disorders.

Why Olympia’s Substance Abuse Program is Different

As a whole, the United States has more prisoners than any other country on planet earth. Many of those incarcerated are there for drug-related crimes and many of which constitute non-violent offenses. At Olympia, we understand that addiction is a disease that requires treatment based on evidence. Punishment does not promote healing and is damaging to those who suffer from substance use disorder.

When we take on any new resident or client we always consider the personal circumstances that have led this individual to seek addiction treatment at Olympia. Sometimes these circumstances are not only troubling but also highly traumatic. Olympia is one of the only treatment facilities for its price point that is able to offer individualized mental health counseling to all of our clients and residents. This often a crucial factor to one’s recovery.

To our east bay communities (Alameda and Solano counties), we understand that your experiences are unique, no matter the time or environment in which you have been raised. We will treat you as a human being and help to tailor your program to fit your needs while undergoing substance abuse treatment.

Celebrating Diversity is an Olympia Drug Treatment Cornerstone

From those of us at Olympia House that reside or have previously lived in Oakland, Berkeley and the entire east bay, we know well what makes us different make us stronger. This is particularly relevant for East Bay addiction treatment and Oakland addiction treatment. At Olympia House, we celebrate diversity in everything we do. Our caring staff comes to us from different locations, ethnicities, age groups, and some consider themselves part of the LGBTQ community.

We are here for you to make you feel comfortable in our beautiful Sonoma County setting and we encourage you: if you or a family member is suffering please do not hesitate to reach out to us or call (888) 795-1965