Compassionate Care for LGBTQ Rehab

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer Needs in the Rehab Experience

At Olympia House, we are committed to diversity. We uphold the standards of decency, dignity, and compassionate care at our drug addiction rehab facility. We know part of upholding this commitment is addressing your concerns. Our lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community have specific histories, needs, and concerns when considering rehab.

Addiction and the LGBTQ Population

At Olympia House, everybody that comes to us has a different set of challenges that we strive to address. The LGBTQ population is twice as likely to develop an addiction and Olympia House knows that there are underlying reasons why this occurs. The LGBTQ population may be struggling with shame picked up from homophobia and depression. There are also financial challenges related to housing and marriage equality. We want you to know we strive to change the rehab environment for LGBTQ clients and residents to ensure you truly feel safe, respected, and heard.

History of Stigma

The stigma around addiction has presented challenges to substance abuse treatment throughout history. Our talented staff knows that your sexuality and gender is an important and valuable part of who you are and should never be a source of shame. We pride ourselves on being able to say some of them are part of the LGBTQ community themselves. We work with our cherished gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer clientele to create an individualized treatment plan that treats every part of your person. This includes addictions with underlying causes related to the shame of stigma.

The Care You Can Expect as an LGBTQ Person At Olympia House

Ending Homophobia

We hold the firm belief that love is love. We do not tolerate any sort of viewpoint that leaves our lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer clients feeling disrespected and unsafe at our drug addiction rehab facility. Our staff lets you lead the conversation around your sexuality while providing the same excellent and compassionate care that we promise to all of our clients.

We Do Not Tolerate Discrimination

We do not allow any difference in the quality of treatment to occur at our rehab facility due to your sexuality or gender. We strive to make sure you receive care that is both tailored to your needs while keeping your dignity as a priority. We respect you as a person, and we know that a key part of that philosophy is that you ultimately define who that person is in sexuality and gender. We practice respect and dignity in everything we do.

Family Therapy

Olympia House practices a holistic approach to healing. This includes systematically looking at all factors that may be leading to addiction in our client’s immediate environment. If you and your family decide you would like to engage in family therapy, our rehab facility is proud to offer excellent counselors that can help your family work towards healthier cognitions.

Your Privacy

We understand that no matter how safe we strive to be, you ultimately decide if you feel safe. You control the conversation around your sexuality as well as your treatment for addiction. As part of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), we do not disclose any information about you unless you give explicit consent to do so, or if you or someone else is in immediate danger.

Underlying Causes: Co-occurring Disorders

We understand that the LGBTQ community is both specifically vulnerable as well as exceptionally resilient. The challenges you face around your sexuality or gender may cause extra stress, shame, or trauma in your life. However, we believe that you no longer have to be alone in the challenges these disorders present. We address the specific needs of healing addiction with a co-occurring disorder of depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

Withdrawal and Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT)

When an individual suffers from a substance use disorder, the brain can become less sensitive to external chemicals circulating through it on a consistent basis. This changes brain chemistry and can lead to painful symptoms of withdrawal when that drug is not available. We want you to know that we don’t force you to chose complete abstinence while navigating the challenges of rehab. We provide medication-assisted detox and treatment to address the painful symptoms of withdrawal while allowing your brain to relearn what it is like to function without addictive substances.

Olympia House strives to take a new and powerful approach to ending shame and discrimination while addressing your addiction as part of a whole system of causes. We know your sexuality and gender is beautiful as well as important to tailoring your individualized treatment. Let us help you get started on your journey toward healing. We serve many locations near you. Call Olympia House at (888) 795-1965.