Men and Recovery from Addiction

Men and Addiction

Men with addiction suffer from an individual set of challenges. One of the most prominent problems specific to men who suffer from a substance use disorder is the length of their addiction. Over 11.5% of men over the age of twelve have abused a substance in the last month, according to findings by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

Men also require compassionate care. In any given month, men with substance use disorders are the most likely population to resort to harmful behaviors including suicide. It is in this case that the importance of ending the stigma of addiction for our male clientele becomes critical.

Anger and Addiction

Studies show that addiction is often linked to trauma or other difficult co-occurring disorders. In general, men are more likely to display anger when suffering from the symptoms of PTSD or depression as opposed to women who are more likely to dissociate and avoid a given topic or situation.

At Olympia House, we support you during your recovery. We treat the wounds behind your addiction as well as give you the coping abilities to know and feel in control even when you’re overwhelmed. We strive to end the shame you may feel around the relationship between anger and addiction through anger management therapy. We also provide group therapy where you can find life-long friends, share stories, and ease isolation.

Finally, we offer mindfulness training. Mindfulness meditation works with the neuroscientific principle of neuroplasticity. This can help arm you with the skills you will need to tame those moments when you may feel both scared and volatile.

Job and Other Concerns in Treating Men with Addiction

For men, concerns about job loss, not providing for the family, or finding a job can greatly impact self-esteem. With self-esteem becoming a leading factor in why some who suffer from addiction chose substances, we will always work with your insurance to get you the help you need as well as provide programs to get you to a place where you can feel proud and secure.

Withdrawal and Medicated Assisted Detox

Men are the most likely population to have experimented with drugs at an early age, so we understand that our male clientele may be struggling with the prospect of being sober. The painful symptoms of withdrawal may seem like too much to handle on top of treating underlying emotional and psychological causes. We are proud to offer Medication Assisted Detox and treatment, an evidence-based approach that can help you feel comfortable during detox and treatment. In our therapeutic approaches, we do not push our clients to talk until they feel ready. In the meantime, we offer peaceful walks in nature at our beautiful treatment center and equine therapy to help you feel calm, connected, and inspired.

Let’s Get You Started on Your Addiction Recovery Journey

We value your identity as an important aspect of creating your individualized treatment. We strive to understand and address the specific concerns and issues men face in therapy. We acknowledge, respect, and support you. We serve many locations near you. Call Olympia House at (888) 795-1965.