Elderly & Older Adults

The Stigma of Older Adults and the Elderly in Rehab

At Olympia House, we are committed to honoring diversity. We know that age is an important part of the diversity conversation and we encourage such discussions in our peer support groups. We know our elderly have their own set of challenges including retirement, loneliness, existential issues, and health concerns. They also have their own strengths including patience, wisdom, and resilience. We recognize that the combination these strengths and concerns play in creating an individualized treatment plan.

Though it is at times less talked about, the elderly represent a population that suffers from addiction like any other. Our nation’s older adults are hospitalized just as often for alcohol problems as they are for heart problems. They also are the most rapidly growing population suffering from prescription drug dependency. We can help you with prescription drug addiction rehab.

We view the stage of older adulthood is one of the most important and powerful stages of life. We believe in helping you or a loved one get free of addiction in order to reveal it to be the connected, joyful, and profound part of the journey it is.

Needs of the Elderly

We want you to feel seen, heard, and treated with compassion at Olympia House. Part of achieving this is addressing each topic that may be of concern to you or a loved one considering rehab for a substance abuse addiction.


Activities for seniors are an important part of any healthcare experience. Besides bringing joy, physical activity — especially walks in nature— can provide a gentle exercise to keep the body in good health. Activities like mindfulness and yoga can also keep the mind sharp and, in our experience, can help with healing addiction. We are proud to offer a variety of activities that our senior clientele will both enjoy and benefit from.


Another priority for our older adult residents and clients is having the right accommodations. We offer on-site consulting physicians. We also work tirelessly to accommodate your needs. We address all concerns you may bring up and work with them to the best of our ability. At our alcohol and drug addiction rehab facility, we also do not engage in treatment that any client does not feel physically or energetically ready for.

Spiritual Support for Seniors

We know our elderly clientele is going through some profound changes in life. This includes everything from transitioning away from parenthood, entering retirement, entering assisted living, or living without a spouse. These can be trying issues that can lead to co-occurring disorders which may underlie addiction, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, or complex grief. It is critical to treat both the symptoms of these co-occurring disorders as well as to provide a resilient view of life. We believe this view can in part be developed by strong spiritual support.

Medication Assisted Detox for Elderly Adults

Older adults know their bodies best. Challenges in this area can be overcome with patience, gentleness, and determination. Dealing with the physical effects of withdrawal in the elderly is unique but presents a similar approach we take with all individuals. We monitor the health of our detoxing elderly carefully and compassionately. We take things with patience and good judgment to ensure our elderly clientele is provided with gentle and excellent care. As part of our evidence-based treatment, we also provide medication-assisted detox and treatment alternatives to the addictive substances to minimize the painful effects of withdrawal.

Family Therapy and the Elderly

A challenge our older adults can face is isolation. When getting out of the house is difficult, or communication seems to taper off, older adults can become susceptible to loneliness. Sometimes, they may self-medicate by taking an addictive substance. At Olympia House, we believe in both ending the stigma around addiction as well as healing our patients holistically. Part of this holistic healing may be re-establishing family ties for our elderly patients. If you and your family so chose, we work with your loved ones to ensure that a more supportive environment awaits you when you leave addiction treatment center.

The Importance of Group Therapy in the Elderly’s Rehab Experience

Friends and peers that have been through the same experiences can help bolster resilience. For our elderly clients, we offer group therapy where our older adults can make connections with those they can relate to, as well as learn new, refreshing perspectives from a diverse clientele including younger generations. Group connection can be both fun and healing for our older adult clients.

Financial Issues for Elderly in Rehab

Finally, older adults may be saving for or engaging in a relaxing retirement. We know you or a loved one may be feeling financial pressure during this time. We know that this can inhibit the process of healing an addiction. We work with your insurance to get you the care you need. We also provide fun, stimulating, and peaceful activities that are enjoyable for our retired elderly clientele.

Old age is characterized by resilience, wisdom, and a sense of existential joy. We know addiction is just a mask on this truth. Let’s get you the individualized treatment you need. We serve many locations near you. Call Olympia House at (888) 795-1965.