Optimizing the Rehab Experience for Women

At Olympia House, we strongly believe that tailoring treatment to the specifics of an individual’s identity is the best way to help. We know that the women we serve have specific needs that will help them recover into their happiest and healthiest self if addressed properly. Our commitment to thorough research and compassionate care means that we want to share our understanding and plan as professionals with you.

Addressing Your Individual Concerns as a Woman Considering Rehab

As a woman entering rehab, we understand there are concerns that can affect your view on treatment. We believe your comfort is an important part of your healing, so we strive to address all these worries. One of the greatest is pressure from family. Going to inpatient rehab will mean that you are away from home for a good deal of time. A woman’s family or spouse may think that her choosing to go to rehab means that she is ignoring or abandoning them.

We know being a caretaker is often an important self-identification for some women. Sometimes the fear of being away from children can be a reason for why a woman may put off going to rehab. When a woman identifies as a caretaker, she may feel guilt and shame taking care of herself first. She may be so used to putting others first that treating her addiction seems out of the question if it means others won’t get what she is worried they need.

Finally, we want you to feel comfortable and safe. Olympia House puts respecting you and preserving your dignity first. We dialogue and work with you so that you have knowledge and control over your rehab experience. We encourage you to tell your story and we always work to provide you with a individualized treatment.

Healing Addiction While Pregnant

5.1% of pregnant women reported non-medical opioid use in the last 12 months. When you are pregnant and suffering from an addiction—opioid or otherwise—, we know you may feel scared of being judged if you admit your addiction. We want you to know we see the opposite. We know you are being brave and a great soon-to-be mother by having sought out help for your addiction as soon as you felt able. We are pleased to say we accommodate our pregnant clients who suffer from addiction to the best our ability.

Underlying Issues in the Relationship Between Women and Addiction

We believe in an approach to treating addiction that is both compassionate and professional. The best way to put these values into action is to treat more than your symptoms. At Olympia House, we always treat the underlying causes. We understand there are many issues specific to women that lead them to suffer from a substance use disorder.


When 33% of women experience sexual assault and 10% more likely to develop PTSD than men, it’s no surprise that sexual assault is the leading cause of PTSD among women. PTSD is a difficult co-occurring disorder that any alcohol and drug addiction rehab facility should accommodate. At Olympia House facility we pride ourselves in our therapist’s ability to address the needs of our clients and residents with PTSD. Please be assured that our welcoming staff will do everything to make you feel safe on our beautiful grounds.


Relationships can be a central issue for some women with substance use disorders. Women are generally affected by stress more than men, and may use the calming effect of opioids, the focusing effects of stimulants, or the forgetting effects of alcohol to be able to function in the way they feel they are expected to. We want you to recover in an environment that supports you and knows your individual needs. We offer family therapy with genuine and well-trained counselors on-site.

Depression and Anxiety

We understand that women are two times more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. We want you to know that we’ve done our research on the link between these disorders and addiction. The scientific literature makes it clear that it is all too easy to turn to drugs or alcohol when feeling hopeless or anxious. We know the importance of a safe and beautiful location to reduce anxiety, relaxing activities, and uplifting thinking provided by CBT and spiritual support.

Chronic Pain

Women are statistically more likely to suffer from chronic pain. We know that when prescriptions are too expensive or don’t work in the prescribed dosage, seeking powerful or dangerous alternatives may result. We work with the specific interrelation between chronic pain and addiction in a judgment-free and holistic way. Contact us now for prescription drug addiction rehab.

Comfort and Quality Care for Women in Rehab


A priority for women going to rehab is safety and calm. Our facility is nestled in the beautiful hills of Petaluma. You will be surrounded by nature and our professional, caring staff.

Respect and Dignity

At Olympia House, we always honor diversity. We pride ourselves on individualizing your treatment. Because part of ensuring you get the best treatment tailored to you is that you share your story, we encourage you to let us know about your specific needs, concerns, and history to help us get you to a lasting recovery. We know it is key that you feel you are controlling the pace of your own healing.


A core part of our philosophy is the biological, psychological, spiritual, and physical approach we bring to each resident and client. Studies suggest our women clients want to feel that are being taken care of in all these realms. We know a holistic recovery is a recovery that lasts.

Variety of Therapies

Women also self-report that they want a variety of therapies to deal with different concerns in different ways. We believe this as well. We provide CBT to restructure thought to be more functional and sustainable. We provide equine therapy as a way of connection to nature on the rolling hills of Petaluma. We also offer group therapy, family therapy, relapse prevention therapy, anger management, mindfulness meditation, yoga, and other exercises to make your treatment diverse, fun, and effective.

Mutual Support

We know the importance of feeling supported and validated. We offer group therapy where our clients learn that many of their worries, fears, and hopes are being experienced by those around them. This can help our female clients develop confidence in their recovery process.

Spiritual Life

Finally, we know women want to strengthen their self-concept and feel connected to the meaning around them. We strive to end the stigma around addiction and end the alienation surrounding substance use disorders. At Olympia House, we focus on a strong and resilient spiritual philosophy.

Though many elements of addiction share common themes, we know you are eager to know your treatment will work with your needs as a woman. Rest assured that the welcoming and well-trained staff at Olympia House is here to support you in your recovery goals. We serve many locations near you. Call Olympia House at (888) 795-1965.