Building and Maintaining Relationships

Relationship-Group-TherapyThose suffering from addiction may have experienced difficulty maintaining long-lasting, healthy relationships. Due to the nature of addiction, sufferers can push away those who love them the most and feel isolated, abandoned or alone.

Our relationship group therapy is designed to discuss the challenges of addiction and relationships with others who have faced similar struggles. This form of therapy also provides a safe, comfortable space in which individuals can work out challenges, interact with others, and share insights into common struggles.

Led by mental health clinicians, the group also discusses techniques and skills for relationship building and ongoing maintenance. In this group, as with all other services, Olympia House respects diversity and embraces all types of relationships that are valued by the individual.

Discussion topics include:

  • Healthy versus unhealthy relationships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Attachment
  • Forgiveness

Understanding Relationships

The goal of the relationships group is to help you understand the interpersonal relationships in your life more clearly, as well as to understand yourself in relationships.  Human beings are fundamentally social creatures, with an inborn desire to bond with others.  Nearly all of us have experienced a close connection with another person: a parent, a romantic partner, or someone else entirely.  While we need relationships to thrive in the world, some of them – especially close relationships – can prove to be difficult and even destructive.

Understanding your relationships and how to operate within them is the first step toward forming more fulfilling connections with others. A key component of learning about your current relationships is revisiting some of the very first ones in your life: those you had with your parents or caregivers.  Therefore, in this group, we take time to explore the relationships in your history that have laid the groundwork for your current relationships.

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