At Olympia House, we focus on sharing our knowledge as practitioners with our clients and residents in a way that will help these individuals understand their disease. We believe as part of our philosophy that this mix of education, understanding, and compassion leads to a holistic and lasting recovery.

What is HIV / AIDS?

HIV / AIDS stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This means that the virus attacks the body’s ability to protect itself by killing cells necessary for the immune system to function. The quantity of the HIV virus in the bloodstream is called the viral load. When the viral load reaches a certain threshold in the blood, it correlates with an AIDS diagnosis.

AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. This is the condition that results from the HIV infection. When a type of white blood cell responsible for work in the immune system called CD4s reaches a high enough count, the diagnosis of AIDS is given. When this occurs, HIV has successfully killed enough white blood cells to result in a severe damage to the immune system.

AIDS does not characterize any set of symptoms. Rather, it is a disease that allows other diseases to cause damage. These are called opportunistic infections because they take up the opportunity to infect someone when their immune system isn’t working as well as it can due to AIDS.

Relationship Between the symptoms of HIV / AIDS and Depression

After the contraction of HIV / AIDS, the struggle you or a loved one’s immune system goes through can be a lot to handle. At Olympia House, we know addiction must be understood in a way that integrates your environment and your mental and physical health.

Struggles in the relationship between HIV / AIDS, Addiction, and Depression

60% of people who live with HIV / AIDS will experience a depressive episode. At Olympia House, we know that depression may lead to harmful cycles including addiction.

It’s not a surprise then that 19% of people with HIV / AIDS also show signs of substance abuse. The evidence indicates that those who have substance use disorder also have higher viral loads. Your priority is fighting for your health, and we are here to fight alongside you.

Feeling Better

In addition to depressive episodes, people who live with HIV / AIDS often struggle with feelings of exhaustion. The difference between demoralization and depression is that demoralization may result in a loss of meaning but can be relieved with the right community and therapy. At Olympia House, we want you to feel spiritually supported. We also have a warm community and a talented staff at our beautiful alcohol and drug addiction rehab facility that will help you feel inspired for your important fight.

Olympia House can Help With the Symptoms of Addiction

When stressful events can further deplete your immune system, we know the importance of a positive, safe, and peaceful environment.

What Olympia House Offers

At Olympia House, we understand that with the current advances in medicine, you can live a long life with HIV / AIDS. We honor your story and accommodate your needs. When you live with HIV / AIDS, we understand your priority is healing the psychological and physical pain in order to win your fight. Let us help. We serve many locations near you. Call Olympia House at (888) 795-1965.