If I could give Olympia House 10 stars … I would

10-Star Testimonial - Olympia House Rehab

This is an amazing place for anyone looking to deal with addiction issues. In my opinion, the founder and director, Dr. Wayne Thurston, is a visionary. He has created a unique treatment facility where clients are looked at as individuals and are encouraged to find their own voice and figure out what works for them. It is a far cry from the one-size-fits-all programs promoted by most rehab facilities. The staff is professional and there is a kind, non-judgmental ethos. The program is psychotherapeutically based and clients get one-on-one therapy with individual therapists and drug counselors as well as lots of group therapy.

This is a great place for someone who wants evidence-based treatment and who wants to explore the reasons behind their addictive behavior rather than blindly professing their powerlessness and relying on a spiritual solution. The 12-step concepts are embraced along with secular recovery philosophies such as LifeRing and SMART Recovery. Concern for the clients supersedes the quest to make money. Clients are welcome to return for short stays if they are having trouble maintaining their sobriety once they complete the program.

The facility is peaceful, situated in the country west of Petaluma, California. It feels more like a retreat center than rehab. There is a culture of trust and support. We watched our family member go through a real transformation with the benefit of this program. It hasn’t been a smooth path, but it has been one that has given our loved one a real chance at gaining long-term sobriety. We are so grateful that such a smart, caring and soulful program exists. Thank you Olympia House.

This place changed my life completely, with compassion and empathy.

The staff is so knowledgeable, helpful and caring, they not only helped me stop drugs/alcohol, they provided me with real tools I have actually used to make life sensible and be a truly better person in all aspects.
Former Graduate

Their motto is “Whatever it takes” and that is what happens.

Olympia House is one of the smartest choices you could make

Transform Your Addiction - Olympia HouseExpert and insightful therapists, loads of personal attention, very comfortable accommodations, healthy and professionally prepared meals, a beautiful and peaceful property – all contribute to the qualities that make Olympia House uniquely able to help. I have been to luxurious rehabs that cost over $40K per month, and to bare bones rehabs that felt more focused on making money than on clients’ recovery. At Olympia House, I had everything I needed to be very comfortable and a program and staff solely focused on helping me overcome my addiction.

Olympia House offers clients education in traditional areas such as DBT and CBT as well as more creative approaches such as equine therapy and art therapy. Groups run all day long. As in life, you get out of the program what you put into it, and clients who really want recovery have so much support here. Physical well-being is part of the program with multiple walking trails on property, yoga classes, and a small yet perfectly adequate weight and cardio gym. There are recovery groups each night that offer either 12-step approaches (e.g., AA and NA) or alternatives such as LifeRing and SMART Recovery. Members of the local community join residents for some of these meetings, giving us access to fellowship and perspectives from outside.

The staff at Olympia House is diverse in background and approach, and they make every effort to provide personal attention and guidance to each client. I saw my therapist and, separately, my Alcohol or Drug Counselor each 3x per week. In those six hours each week, we worked on core underlying issues, ongoing life issues impacting addiction and recovery, and developed a plan for living sober after rehab. They offered insights and suggestions I had never considered and which made dramatic differences. They are also very willing to include your family and/or your partner in some sessions if that will help your support system after rehab.

In 6 years of being in and out of recovery, I now have almost half a year of living clean and sober. I firmly believe this is due to the strengths and approach to recovery that I found at Olympia House. While no rehab is perfect, this one is adaptive, flexible, and singularly focused on making each person’s life better. I could not recommend it more highly.

Saved my life, my job, my family and my sanity. I highly recommend Olympia House.

Here in 2018, the variety of options with education is fantastic and the therapists can’t be beat. If you need some TLC combined with serious treatment then Olympia House is the place to be.

3 reasons to choose addiction treatment near me

Convenience, Family Therapy Options, Beautiful Sonoma County Location

You can’t recover from addiction without the proper medical diagnosis

Olympia House is absolutely amazing and one of a kind. I did my homework and checked out several other options, but I did not find any other facility that offers the same level of treatment. At Olympia House, you are assigned a drug or alcohol counselor AND a licensed therapist, and they help you determine any underlying diagnosis you may need, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc.

You can’t recover from addiction without the proper medical diagnosis and then determining and addressing the underlying causes behind your use. And most important of all, Olympia House helps you re-learn routine and encourages you to connect with the other patients. The opposite of addiction is connection. It was wonderful being there and bonding with the other patients in a great setting.

The staff actually cares and they facilitate your recovery process pretty well. Just one tip – be very proactive and don’t wait for them to come tell you when to meet with who. I only went for 2 weeks and wish I could have had more meetings with counselors. Its a great place for people who are ready to recover. Maybe not as much for someone who is being pushed to rehab. But I am so glad I went to Olympia House!

This place is the reason I’m a “Better Me”.

Amazing program! Extremely intimate and personal, with case by case treatment designed specifically for the individual. You will not get care and love like this at any other program. The staff goes above and beyond, extending themselves in ways that demonstrate time and time again that they have chosen this line of work to save lives. I owe my life to Olympia House.

A true gem. Highly recommend.

I got my husband and marriage back

Save The Ones You Love - Olympia HouseMy first experience with the Olympia House was scary and bewildering, dropping my highly inebriated husband off, thinking our future didn’t stand a chance.

A month later, and after a few couples therapy sessions, I picked up a different man-his true self, plus some. I got my husband and marriage back. Due to his success and positive experience, decided to address my issues (which became glaringly, frustratingly evident after his recovery) and enrolled in the program as well.

Backing up a bit, we chose the Olympia House for many reasons. First, AA is not their model for recovery (they’re offered, but optional, along with new, alt. programs). The environment is comfortable and down to earth (all that glitters is not gold-Betty Ford). The location is secluded and tranquil, amidst pastures with farm animals. Olympia House stood out to us for its highly trained, experienced (and diverse) professionals-who work directly with you. The founder and director, Dr. Wayne Thurston, is an incredibly intelligent, perceptive, personable, compassionate, patient, amazing person, and a literal lifesaver. I was lucky he was one of my therapists.

The Olympia House assigns two different therapists to work with, in private, 3x a week (some give difficult “homework”). Couples therapy and family education seminars are offered too. Take advantage of them! A variety of classes are held daily, like DBT and CBT, coping skills for managing anger, planning ahead for the real world and your specific triggers. Learning the mechanics of what addiction really is. It can get heavy, so lighter approaches to treatment like art therapy, music therapy, meditation, yoga, and family days can be a nice change of pace.

You don’t have to participate in everything, you can skip yoga and go for a walk, or stand on the deck smoking during AA meetings, but everyone is encouraged to take an active role in their recovery.

Sometimes group check-in/checkouts are long and tedious, there’s always someone who won’t stop talking… listening to excessive and repeated “sharing”, ugh. That was the worst part. That, and realizing what an impatient, insensitive female dog I can be!

Anyway, after graduating, you’re not left in the dust. Olympia House offers weekly alumni gatherings, LifeRing meetings, AA/NA meetings, a private alumni Facebook page, intensive outpatient treatment, the ability to come back for a short “tune-up” if needed. They also help with finding SLE’s. You can stay connected and keep growing, keep going.

Olympia House is LGBT friendly, houses and welcomes all sorts. Some residents may be quite different from “you”. It’s surprising who you may connect with and befriend, or remain in touch with!

It hasn’t been all roses, we still actively work on our recovery programs, see our therapists, etc. However, since our stays at the Olympia House, my husband and I have dramatically improved relationships with family, friends, each other and most significantly-with ourselves. He has been sober over 2 1/2 years and leads LifeRing meetings. I am properly medicated, no longer depressed, and volunteer at the facility. We’ve come a long way.

Finding the humility to acknowledge you have a problem and looking for help is no small task. If you want to set yourself, or loved one, up for the highest chance of success, I would highly suggest going to Olympia House. To me, finding Olympia House was a miracle, an answer to prayers I’d never dreamt could come true.

Olympia House cares, is the best way I can describe it.

This is a true state-of-the-art residential treatment center …

… offering many treatment modes including individual psychotherapy 3x/week, drug and alcohol counseling 2x/week, group therapy daily, several educational groups every day, and 12-step or alternative programs such as Smart Recovery and LifeRing.

The food is wholesome and served in a family-like atmosphere instead of cafeteria style. There are horses, cows, water buffalo, goats, and other farm animals to care for. Educational groups can be extremely interesting, e.g., theory and practice of cognitive therapy or effects of alcohol and drugs upon the brain.

Overall, it is worth the cost and is appropriate for most clients, be they very young adults or seasoned professionals.

I highly recommend this program for getting clean and sober and learning how to stay that way.

Our daughter received compassion and a very high level of care

Addiction Treatment - Olympia HouseIf you are facing the decision for residential care, I would highly recommend you to Olympia House. Our daughter received compassion and a very high level of care. The Clinical Director Senadhi is an amazing counselor and was able to pull our daughter out of the fog of addiction where so many before him failed.

The setting is beautiful. Green rolling hills with uninterrupted views. There are lots of animals on the property. You can bring your own dog with approval. All of the staff is amazing. They are firm yet flexible, compassionate and caring.

Don’t look anywhere else. Call them today.

Thanks for all you do for people like me that need to find a ray of hope again.

When I finished my treatment, I left feeling like a totally different person. One with a desire to live a new way of life, to have purpose, and most of all, hope. I will forever be grateful to Olympia House and the staff for showing me how to be me! A clean me.

This place saved my life!

Olympia House helped me save my life. I am forever grateful. They have absolutely amazing, caring, dedicated, compassionate staff. The food is amazing! The location, scenery, and rooms are just perfect! I owe a lot of my sobriety to them… Next month on May 5th I’ll have one year clean and sober. Many more to come. Thank you Olympia House!

I have an extreme amount of gratitude for this place

Dr. Wayne Thurston has created a state of the art treatment center. I have been to, and left, a number of programs. This is the first one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. It deals with all aspects of addiction. From yoga classes four days a week, equine therapy, 12 step meetings, intensive one on one psychotherapy thrice a week and AOD counseling three times a week, it really covers all the necessities of getting better. Whether you are a mild problem drinker or a hardcore I.V. user, you will feel safe and at home.

Olympia House was outstanding dealing with our son. The facility is restful and the staff is friendly, professional, and effective. The fact they offer ‘tune-ups’ for life demonstrates their commitment to supportive recovery.

Thank you so much for giving my children their mom back. Forever grateful.

I still maintain my relationships with the people from Olympia House

I went to Olympia House at a very difficult time in my life. I had been a first responder for 25 years and I had forgotten to learn to take care of myself. The professional staff, including therapists and drug and alcohol counselors, gave me the skills I needed to take care of myself and to make better decisions in my life. I’ve been clean and sober for a year-and-a-half now and I still maintain my relationships with the people from Olympia House and they are some of the healthiest friendships I’ve ever had. I would recommend it to anybody who’s serious about changing their life.