Relearning Healthy Relationship and Coping Skills

Often, the byproducts of addiction and co-occurring disorders can cause pain and wreckage in one’s life, as evidenced by fractured and sometimes broken relationships. Accompanying feelings of shame, remorse and loneliness lead to isolation and a distorted perception of oneself and life in general.

Our group therapy options are designed to help individuals relearn healthy relationship and coping skills that may have been suppressed or lost while their disease was in control.

Building connections with peers who may be experiencing or have experienced similar situations, feelings, and reactions will help to combat loneliness and aid recovery. Cultivating meaningful interactions and dispelling feelings of “I’m the only one” are added benefits to group therapy.

Group therapies include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy twice a week
  • Dialectical behavior therapy twice a week
  • Relapse prevention 5 times a week
  • Process groups in the morning and evening seven days a week
  • Yoga/qigong five days a week
  • Anger management twice a week
  • 12-step groups three times a week
  • Life Story twice a week

Other weekly groups include:

  • Equine Therapy group
  • Cinema Therapy group
  • CBT/DBT skills review group
  • Relationships group
  • Trauma group
  • Mindfulness group
  • Affirmations group
  • Art Therapy group
  • Music Therapy group