Individual Counseling as Part of Individualized Treatment

The cornerstone of our program is individualized treatment. Our specialized staff is dedicated to helping individuals with substance use addiction and co-occurring disorders. Every resident has a therapeutic team that works with them in achieving their goals. Residents receive individual psychotherapy with a mental health clinician, individual drug, and alcohol counseling with their AOD counselor, as well as meet individually with our discharge planner.

We are a holistic rehab facility, committed to finding out your unique needs and designing a plan to fit you. No two individuals are exactly alike, which is why Olympia House offers a variety of the most cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments for chemical dependency. We apply this individualized approach to your therapy experience as well.

We boast an abundance of diverse therapeutics techniques such as anger management, mindfulness, CBT, DBT, equine therapy, motivational interviewing, and relapse prevention therapy. Between all of these excellent and effective therapeutic strategies, we strive to find the combination that works best for you. Our priority is not only addressing your addiction but the underlying issues that enabled it. What worked well for some of our clients may not work well for you.

We listen to you and fit our treatment around your needs. For more on individualized mental health counseling, please click here.

Importance of Motivation in Individualized Therapy During Your Addiction Treatment

At Olympia House rehab facility, we want to know what your lasting motivations are in seeking help with your addiction. Why have you decided to make the great decision of getting help with your addiction? Do you need help with your job, your relationships, a co-occurring disorder? Are you hoping for a break that can provide perspective and spiritual support in a beautiful setting? These are all key questions designed to help bring a sense of purpose to your recovery. Utilizing self-direction in recovery, we focus not on simply treating you, but equipping you to be present for yourself long after you leave our grounds.

Learn more about individual drug and alcohol rehab counseling.

Importance of Needs in Individualized Therapy During Your Addiction Treatment

When one suffers from certain co-occurring disorders, it doesn’t mean a comprehensive addiction treatment center can’t address these in conjunction with your substance use disorder. We believe addiction can specifically affect co-occurring disorders such as a bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, eating disorders, anxiety, HIV or cancer. In order to better serve you as a rehab facility, we actively address these mental health needs as the key to a sustained recovery. Working with your diagnosis, we pick from our excellent and abundant variety of therapies to ensure that you have a smooth and supported recovery process.

Finally, we understand recovery is a long-term process. Even when you attend our 28-day inpatient program on our lovely Petaluma grounds, more time may be required to adjust bringing what you learned in rehab to your real life. We understand this very real need and provide specific aftercare services and programs. Learn more about our aftercare services. Get started with an addiction program designed just for you. Call Olympia House today at (888) 795-1965.