Olympia House Rehab honors diversity even within our vast peer support groups. This is reflected in our individualized approach to treatment that views individual differences as strengths. We also advocate for the elimination of stigma and discrimination for all individuals.

What is diversity?

Diversity is the state of having a variety of cultural, socioeconomic, familial, educational, religious, cognitive, racial, and age identities existing together. Diversity can see solutions to problems that wouldn’t be seen if everybody shared the same identity and experience. We believe in your ability to heal your life. We believe in your ability to make meaningful contributions to the world. Our rehab facility will work to get you to a place of wholeness. We believe our approach will help you make an invaluable contribution to yourself and to your community.

Inclusion at the Olympia House Rehab Facility

At Olympia House, we want to hear your specific voice. We strive to make lasting changes for the men and women that come through our door. We honor inclusion in our group therapy as well as our insurance policies. We are all part of groups that have diverse needs that we accommodate, recognize, and value every day at Olympia House.


We know that the locations we serve have a diverse and strong LGBTQA voice. We do not tolerate discrimination against you due to your sexuality or gender. We know love is real and beautiful in all its forms and we are deeply committed to this viewpoint. We strive to heal any source of undue shame in your life.


We know minorities have their own set of challenges that can lead to the cycle of addiction. We believe in ending the stigma around addiction and understanding it as a reaction to powerful and systemic forces. With our staff coming from a diverse background, we want you to know we believe no challenge the world has thrown at you is insurmountable.


We have shown time and time again that we strive to create a safe place for all genders. We also understand that women are statistically more likely to suffer from domestic and/or sexual violence. As part our commitment to diversity, we do not shy away from these conversations. Rather, we encourage you to share your story in any of our variety of therapies, and always strive to accommodate you.


At our alcohol and drug addiction rehab facility, we believe that age is an important part of the diversity conversation. We know that millennials are struggling with heavy issues that are keeping them in discouraging cycles of debt. We know millennials have an important place in healing the times as well, however. We welcome the innovative thinking of our millennial clients.

Older Adults

At Olympia House rehab facility, we get the honor of meeting a diversity of ages. We know our older adult clientele has specific needs around healing their addiction. We value your experience, as well as accommodate any health issues you may be concerned won’t be attended to during your stay at our addiction treatment center. We know you have an abundance of knowledge that we need to better heal the world around us.

People with Disabilities

Addiction can be difficult when one also lives with a disability. We know you both embrace your disability as well as transcend it. We let you lead the conversation about your disability, and strive to accommodate your needs to ensure a smooth rehab experience at our facility. As part of our commitment to holistic care, we strive to eradicate shame and highlight how our individual experiences can lead us toward a healing that lasts.


Men are statistically more likely to enter addiction treatment. Every man has different needs and different approaches to their lives. We know the importance of compassion for any identity and are committed to helping you arrive at a place of wellness and strength.

We know the importance of a diverse culture at our rehab facility. We view diversity in any group as a powerful strength that offers new perspectives and greater understanding. We serve many locations near you. Call Olympia House at (888) 795-1965.