Using Medication for Withdrawal Symptoms

Since the war on drugs has been waged in the United States, there have been numerous philosophies on substance abuse treatment. One of the pervading attitudes is that addiction is something that is a moral choice that bad people make. Within this thinking, ending addiction means simply not making that bad choice. However, this reductionist attitude focuses so much on moralizing that it doesn’t see what works to help those who need it most.

When addiction is understood as a complex human cycle of shame and isolation, we can understand that a more comprehensive, evidence-based and compassionate approach will help us become better equipped to handle the many facets of this disorder. Similarly, when the healthcare community came to an understanding that chemical dependencies can create urges that we may not want, we realize that “just quitting” is an oversimplified solution. This is why we characterize addiction as a substance use disorder or SUD.

What is cold turkey?

Cold turkey is an ineffective technique of quitting an addictive substance by stopping it suddenly. This practice developed partially because of the history of stigmatizing and reducing addiction’s complexity. Although it has been backed by self-reports as “working better” than other strategies, users were more likely to relapse because they mistook getting rid of the substance for the hard but important work of addressing underlying causes including triggers for drug cravings and co-occurring disorders.

Going Cold Turkey is Dangerous

There are two risks associated with a substance use disorder—overdose and withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes the body has become used to having an outside or endogenous chemical circulating in the bloodstream. When this substance is not available, the body may react and could eventually result in serious health concerns during withdrawal.

Going Cold Turkey Doesn’t Treat Addiction

At Olympia House, we are proud to provide our clients evidence-based treatment. We know that going cold turkey can actually minimize the chances of truly recovering by creating a traumatic experience. This makes sufferers less likely to recovery long term if they relapse during “cold turkey” protocol. Finally, we know that suffering from the symptoms of withdrawal while trying to quit leaves one ill-equipped to address the true underlying causes that put the addiction in motion in the first place.

Medications to Treat Alcohol Withdrawal

We want you to feel safe when you decide to seek healing for your alcohol addiction. We bring the latest in medical research into our care at Olympia House alcohol and drug addiction rehab facility. We know that after a long time alcohol use, your body will react adversely to quitting. We treat this in the form of medication to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal. All our medication-assisted detox is under the supervision of our excellent consulting physicians.

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Suboxone and Buprenorphine for Opioid Withdrawal

With the latest advances in science, healing from opiate addiction is possible, effective, and not even necessarily painful. We know that one of the most dangerous aspects of opiate addiction is the need for increasing amounts of the drug, with the expectation that the next high will be even higher than the last. As part of our medication for withdrawal symptoms, we provide suboxone (buprenorphine) for opioid detox. Suboxone is a partial agonist, which means that it only “half” stimulates the opiate receptor. This means that the medication has a ceiling effect protecting against possible side effects of addiction or overdose. In result, it is considered one of the safest and most effective tools we have in the treatment of opiate addiction.

We are proud to offer suboxone and buprenorphine for our clients suffering from an opiate-related substance use disorder under the supervision of our consulting physicians.

Being At Your Best is the Best Way to Heal: Olympia’s Philosophy and Use of Medication for Withdrawal Symptoms

Olympia House is committed to finding the most powerful and long-lasting treatment for your addiction. We believe a tremendous part of this effort is treating any co-occurring disorders and underlying emotional factors. We bring our many therapies including relapse-prevention therapy, family therapy, equine therapy, CBT therapy, DBT therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy into the conversation to help you find a complex and powerful understanding of your addiction. We understand this process is both difficult and important, so we believe that you should not also be burdened by withdrawal symptoms during this critical time.

Olympia is a meeting place between compassionate care and true recovery. As part of this commitment, we provide medication-assisted detox for a healing that lasts. Get back to your future today. We serve many locations near you. Call Olympia House at (888) 795-1965.