With cancer affecting more than 12.7 million people per year, the anxiety around the diagnosis, the need for hope, and the hunger for a holistic perspective are challenges cancer survivors face every day in the US. At Olympia House drug addiction rehab facility, we understand that you may have emotional pain. As part of our philosophy of individualized treatment, we accommodate your healthcare needs and encourage you to share your voice. With up to 28% of cancer patients developing a substance abuse disorder due to the symptoms of cancer, we understand that turning to substances can feel like the only option. We understand that you want to enjoy the present with a clear mind as well as give your body the best chance of recovery.

The relationship between addiction and cancer can happen at diagnosis, during treatment, or after recovery. As part of our philosophy of evidence-based treatment, we’re here to help you no matter where you are in the cancer treatment journey.

Accommodations For Your Cancer Treatment

We know your priority during this difficult time is treatment itself. When your main concern is making sure your treatment isn’t interrupted, we want you to know we will provide transportation, program flexibility, and various in-patient and out-patient options.

Depression upon Diagnosis as One of the Symptoms of Cancer

When diagnosed, the news can often be too overwhelming to face without help. People may find themselves in the frustrating position of having successfully completed addiction rehab, only to relapse when they hear about their diagnosis of cancer. We understand the stigma of addiction and want you to know we believe in a perspective focused on understanding rather than judgment.

We want you to have the best chance of fighting this disease. As part of our holistic philosophy, we know the importance of being at your best physically and mentally. Rehab can give you the best chance of fighting your disease and providing the community, emotional, and spiritual tools you’ll need on your journey. Addiction doesn’t have to weigh you down on the challenging but crucial journey you’re on. Olympia House stands with you. Get help now. Call (888) 795-1965 today.

The Relationship Between Addiction and Cancer During Treatment

We know that cancer can be a very painful experience in more ways than one. When peripheral neuropathy occurs—damage to the nerves due to cancer treatment—practitioners often prescribe powerful pain relievers. Survivors can become tolerant of the effects of the drugs and need more. They may also become dependent, unable to quit. At Olympia House, we believe in a holistic approach to healing. We want your body, your emotions, and your spirit to be at their best to help fight your cancer.

Addiction and the Symptoms of Cancer After Remission

During partial remission or for cancers that are not life-threatening, the anxiety can be great. You may feel distanced from your friends and family. You may feel as though you can’t be fully present. These elements of depression are greatly linked to addiction.

You may also find in remission that going off pain relievers or benzodiazepines is too much for you take emotionally or physically. With prescription drug abuse affecting many cancer survivors, our talented staff will help treat the often understated issue of the emotional healing necessary after the cancer journey.

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Who Else is Affected? Depression, Addiction, and a Loved One’s Cancer Diagnosis

The grief upon hearing of another’s cancer diagnosis can be as overwhelming to you, just as it is to the survivor. We know that your main priority is to be there for your loved one during this difficult time. We understand that the isolation of addiction can make you feel guilty about not being there. We want you to know we want to end the cycle of shame and addiction. We believe that the best way to give hope to your loved one is to find hope in yourself. Let us help you unchain yourself from the bond of addiction and treat any that may also be present.

The Importance of Joy in Fighting the Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer can often be linked to depression. When things seem bleak, it may be easy to give into hopelessness. However, at Olympia House, we believe in fostering an atmosphere of joy, growth, and holistic treatment at our 28-day stay on our beautiful grounds. We know the power of humor, the necessity of hope, and the need to keep an identity outside of cancer while being able to talk about the journey when things get hard. We also emphasize a spiritual approach. Finally, we always emphasize an individualized treatment that celebrates your specific story.

Cancer can be frightening, but you don’t need to be burdened with addiction on top of it. Help us help you to be at your best emotionally, physically, and spiritually for your important journey. We serve many locations near you. Call Olympia House at (888) 795-1965.