A Safe, Unique, and Evidence-Based Treatment Experience in Sonoma County

Olympia House provides compassionate and evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment in the San Francisco Bay Area. Olympia House is located in the beautiful Sonoma County countryside among peaceful coastal rolling hills of Petaluma and provides the ideal setting for those undergoing detox, treatment, and recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Every day at Olympia House we treat the life-threatening addictions of our clients. We do so because this work is our passion. We understand how overwhelming and at times shameful choosing a treatment center can be for you and or your loved one. We are here to provide you treatment that has proven uniquely successful and impactful for our clients and their families.

We are here to fight alongside you, support you and fiercely advocate for you at every step of your journey to regain your life. We would be honored should you choose to place your trust and health in us. Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime: (888) 795-1965.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Offered at Olympia House

* Never mix drugs and alcohol. Never detox from drugs or alcohol by yourself. This can be life-threatening.

Alcoholism Treatment

Olympia House offers comprehensive treatment for alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Our treatment program offers those with alcoholism a chance to overcome this serious condition. Alcohol abuse treatment at Olympia addresses the individual needs of those who have problems with drinking and alcohol in a setting free of shame and full of life. Alcohol withdrawal is a life-threatening condition, do not undergo this process alone!

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Stimulant Abuse Treatment

Addiction to stimulants like cocaine, meth, or prescription drugs, including Adderall or Ritalin is a serious condition that requires expert medical and therapeutic care. Stimulant addiction can be very difficult to overcome.These drugs excite the reward pathways of the human brain. At Olympia, we combine many diverse modalities in treating stimulant addiction including Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior therapy, as well as Relapse Prevention courses offered in small, intimate group settings. As residents progress through treatment, they will transition from beginning to advanced levels of courses.

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Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opiates or Opioids include illicit drugs like heroin, as well as prescription narcotic medications to treat pain. Let Olympia House provide you with heroin drug rehab. Opioid abuse presents a severe risk of overdose because the drugs suppress vital functions such as breathing and heart rate. They are at the center of a national crisis in which tragically tens of thousands lose their lives every year. The knowledgeable staff at Olympia house in conjunction with physician specialists integrate medication-assisted treatment (MAT) along with psychological, family and wellness activities applies this unique approach to our clients and their families.

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Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

Many people believe the falsehood that legal prescription drugs are safer than illicit drugs. This is untrue. Prescription drug abuse and addiction is a complex issue, and cries for help have increased tremendously. It presents an equal likelihood of abuse, dependence, and overdose. In many cases, opioid addiction is paired with a co-occurring disorder like anxiety, depression, PTSD or other disorders. These drugs are just as dangerous as other illicit drugs because they present equal likelihood of abuse, dependence, and overdose. Olympia’s prescription drug abuse program is individualized and is combined with evidence-based approaches that demonstrate high levels of success.

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Our Approach to Treating Drugs and Alcohol

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Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal and Detox

Olympia house provides a safe environment for a medication-assisted or non-medical detox for alcohol abuse, stimulant abuse, opioid addiction, and prescription drug abuse treatment. Olympia House provides a diversity of resources to make sure you or a loved one undergoes a stress-free detoxification. As necessary for the resident’s comfort, Olympia House will work with your physician to arrange for medication assistance. During this first stage of recovery, residents receive intensive oversight as they proceed through this process. It is one of our philosophy at Olympia to make sure that our patients feel good and go through limited withdrawal symptoms.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

For residential treatment or outpatient treatment at Olympia, clients can choose a variety of options. It is possible to participate in counseling, group therapy, family therapy, and other peer support groups. We are pleased to offer our services to multiple Bay Area and Northern California locations, we are happy to assist you or a loved one in getting to Olympia House.

Drug and Alcohol Recovery

When treatment ends, sober living environments and groups of others who have gone through the throes of drug and alcohol addiction are particularly useful for many of our clients. At Olympia House, we are very proud that we can provide free Tune Ups to help our clients continue their recovery and prevent relapse. We engage in all interdisciplinary approach to recovery including promoting individualized treatment and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) which has been proven to be a highly effective approach.

We are here to support you or your family, even when hope may seem lost. Please contact us if you or a loved one is suffering: (888) 795-1965.