San Francisco Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Olympia House offers compassionate drug and alcohol treatment for the residents of San Francisco. Many of our clients and residents live in the city and or have family who resides there and they count themselves as SF locals. Mark Twain once said: “The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco.” Our wonderful city is indeed known for its foggy summers, sourdough clam chowder bowls, and a diverse thriving LGBTQ community. Recently SF has become the epicenter and residential choice for the high-paid, fast-paced tech scene resulting in sky-high rents and gentrification.

It is for this reason among others that there has been a recent spike in drug use in San Francisco. According to the Bold Atlantic, SF has seen large increases in methamphetamine (or meth) related incidents and unsurprisingly opioids sadly kill more San Franciscans than any other drug. As a result of San Francisco’s opioid crisis, in July of 2018 San Francisco will take a progressive stance and become the first city in the nation to institute safe heroin injection sites, potentially saving thousands of lives and millions of dollars.

At Olympia House, we support local policies like this one that saves lives. Regarding SF addiction treatment, our first priority is to help our San Francisco residents and clients to maintain a drug-free life. San Francisco, among its challenges, presents an ideal location for your recovery and aftercare. Our SF Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program takes the unique circumstances that San Francisco as a city and an SF resident may face, and reflect these in our treatment philosophy.

San Mateo County and San Jose Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Our Addiction Treatment Program Works for Silicon Valley Residents

Sometimes it’s best to escape the environment that has surrounded one’s drug abuse. This mentality is particularly relevant in our Silicon Valley addiction treatment program for tech workers and their families. In Silicon Valley, the pressure to “be the best” has led many to utilize both illicit and prescription drugs at great personal risk to themselves and their loved ones. Many times drug abuse occurs to increase one’s ability to perform. Stimulants like Adderall and methamphetamine are not uncommon among those competing for high profile jobs or who are working with all their might to make their startup successful. Even heroin has become a potentially serious concern. Let Olympia House provide you with heroin drug rehab.

We have found that Olympia’s location in beautiful Sonoma County, among the rolling green hills and farm animals – an hours drive from Silicon Valley provides an ideal location for Silicon Valley, San Jose, and San Mateo residents or their families. It presents an ideal change of pace to help you or a loved on to get on the road to recovery. Silicon Valley addiction treatment at Olympia provides an unparalleled experience for these residents.

The mission of underlying our drug & alcohol treatment services that we offer is to serve residents and clients of diverse backgrounds and financial means whenever possible. Although we do not consider ourselves a “luxury” or “high-end” treatment option as many of our fellow treatment centers do, this has no effect on the quality of our care or the quality of our clients’ recovery. Many clients who have been to some of the most expensive, largest and most well-known treatment centers like Caron, Hazelden-Betty Ford, or Promises say over and over again that “there is something different about this place.” Indeed, all of our clients thrive at Olympia.