Turning toward hope and finding the right treatment service for you or a loved one can be exhausting work. Though the process can feel sad, discouraging, and depersonalized, we want you to feel enthusiastic about getting a treatment plan designed for you. You are a dynamic individual, with specific social, emotional, and cognitive needs, and think your healthcare should always reflect that. We know that getting to know what you need— as told by your health history as well as by your own account— is the key to creating a treatment plan with long-term results. At Olympia House, we strive to take new and extensive actions that tailor our program to you as a unique individual. We work with you to design a custom program that addresses each step of recovery, including withdrawal supervision, physical treatment, and mental treatment.

The Multiple Realms of Identity

At Olympia House, we celebrate diversity. As part of our philosophy, we are open to learning and working with your special identity in all its facets.

In our complex world, there are many factors that affect who we are today. Each of these different identities helps us understand which evidence-based approaches will best help you on your journey toward healing from addiction.

Family Dynamics

One of the most important elements of recovery is a healthy support system. We strive to get to know your family situation in order to understand your beliefs, fears, and expectations around the possibility of support. During your stay at Olympia, you will be surrounded by a community that understands your situation. We also take pride in providing family therapy as well as encouraging visits.

Socioeconomic Status

One of the largest obstacles toward getting the help you need is often financial means. We know that getting individualized treatment that works for you is incredibly important. At Olympia House, we work with your insurance to help you get the coverage you need. We want you to feel safe, heard, and understood. We understand the importance of financial matters and we strive to create a treatment program with tremendous value.

Religious Views

We know that a meaningful connection to a greater entity or other spiritual force can help one find the motivation to get the help they need. We pride ourselves on never tolerating bigotry or discrimination regarding any set of religious views. Similarly, we emphasize the role spirituality can play in a full recovery.

Co-occurring Disorders

We know that addiction is never a condition that happens without cause. At Olympia House, we understand that co-occurring disorders can be the initial reason why one tried to find relief through substance abuse. These disorders include Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, HIV / AIDS, cancer, and other chronic disorders. We want to both arm you with knowledge about how your co-occurring disorder may affect your cycle of addiction as well as provide an environment that is judgment-free. We know these conditions may affect your cognitive and emotional life, and these are the specific spheres wherein we aim to tailor your treatment.

Treatment for LGBTQ and Diverse Generational Identities

At Olympia House, we understand that your gender identity, sexual orientation, and age play into why you may have sought out help. We want to enthusiastically endorse our support of the LGBTQ community. We provide services directly addressing the needs of a diverse community in order to provide LGBTQ-friendly treatment. We also understand the needs and hopes of our younger millennial clientele, while working with the invaluable perspectives of our older clients.

We pride ourselves on offering service that works in a meaningful and compassionate way. We understand that your definition of meaning and compassion depends on your unique and important complexity. Our past clients can attest to this powerful approach. Help us get to know you to create a plan for a recovery that lasts. We serve many locations near you. Call Olympia House at (888) 795-1965 today.