Uniquely safe, evidence-based drug rehab in San Francisco Bay Area

Olympia House provides evidence-based drug rehab in the San Francisco Bay Area. Olympia House is located in the beautiful Sonoma County countryside among peaceful hills of Petaluma, providing the ideal setting for those undergoing detox, treatment, and recovery from drugs.

Every day at Olympia House we treat the life-threatening drug addictions of our clients. We do so because it is our passion and understand how overwhelming choosing a treatment center can be for you and or a loved one.

We are here to provide you drug rehab treatment that has proven uniquely successful and impactful for our clients and their families.

Drug Recovery

When treatment ends, sober living environments and groups of others who have gone through the throes of drug addiction are particularly useful for many of our clients. At Olympia House, we are very proud that we can provide free Tune Ups to help our clients continue their recovery and prevent relapse. We engage in all interdisciplinary approach to recovery including promoting individualized treatment and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) which has been proven to be a highly effective approach.

We are here to support you or your family, even when hope may seem lost. Please contact us if you or a loved one is suffering.

Olympia House
11207 Valley Ford Road
Petaluma, CA 94952

(888) 795-1965

“Here in 2018. The variety of options with education is fantastic and the therapists can’t be beat. If you need some TLC combined with serious treatment then Olympia House is the place to be.” – David W.